For the last ski of the Verbier4All season, Julie, Jean-Victor and Kathryn were joined by some of Kathryn’s friends from London. They joined in the fun, carried Julie down the steps at Gentianes and followed the rig down to La Chaux.

Coming down the Jumbo steps with Julie

Ruby (9 years old) had never seen a sitski in action before and loved it. She sent us her thoughts afterwards, which you can enjoy reading below. We have her pegged as a future buddy!

“I loved skiing with Julie. I am so glad that just because you are disabled it does not stop you from doing things you love. The best part was when I saw Julie smile, it made my day, I was so happy. Julie inspired me to follow my dreams no matter what.

Julie with her dad, Jean-Victor

“We got in the Jumbo lift together and I helped carry the skis. We went down from Gentianes to la Chaux on a very steep slope, Julie was so brave! Kathryn was waving her hands like crazy to make sure that no-one would ski into Julie and her dad.

Julie with Dad and Team ‘GB’

“At one point we thought that Julie was asleep but when we lifted her visor, she gave the biggest smile ever. Julie’s dad was in control of the rig and we all skied behind. Her dad was so fast I couldn’t keep up! Julie was amazing. I would love to see Julie again and ski with her.”