We were a little baffled when Kasia contacted us: She had been wracking her brains as to how she could make her contribution to Verbier4All; ‘I’m not a strong skier yet,’ she told us, ‘But I can fly.’ At her own expense, this young pilot offered to put the name of our association on her sail and we could not think of one single reason why we wouldn’t want a paraglider flying the skies above Verbier with our name on it. In fact, the more we thought about it, the more we realised what a wonderful idea it was.

We sent her our artwork and Kasia ordered the letters in our font and the right size for her wing. She then had the tricky job of applying the big letters on her paraglider in her little living room.

Our ‘maiden flight ‘was in September. Kasia was accompanied by a friend Olivier, who kindly sent us these stunning photos, and our own Henri managed to get some more photos and video footage at a later date.

Kasia comes from Poland and after years of coming to Verbier, she decided to settle down here. She will be flying the flag for Verbier4All in her free time. She told us, “It’s heart-warming to see people making efforts to bring inclusivity into the spotlight here in Verbier. We should all be more aware of the challenges facing people of limited mobility. I would encourage everyone to find small ways in their local community to make things better.”

Now, when we are out and about on the mountain, we can look up at all those colourful wings in the sky, see if we can spot ours and give a wave to Kasia. Hopefully it will also have visitors to Verbier reaching for their telephones and googling Verbier4All. We couldn’t be happier.

Thank you Kasia!